Anonymous animals, film (2020)

“Damien and Eric have found the right balance to accompany this film with no dialogues. The music brilliantly evokes the tension and suspense expected and necessary for this film. Greetings to their listening skills and their generous work!”

Baptiste Rouveure

Film director

Ambigramme, short movie (2022)

“Thanks a lot to Damien! Working with him has been a great pleasure for me, and his talent is equal to his kindness and generosity. Professional, responsive, understanding, kind, creative… Our artistic collaboration has been one of my best experiences this year.”


Gian Nithardt

Film Director

Obsolete Oddity (2020)

“I want to introduce two musicians who provided some perfect music for my last Patreon productions. They’re very adaptable to all  kinds of different sounds, and the tracks they composed for me were ‘made to measure’ for the themes I presented. Just brilliant! A big THANK YOU to Damien Maurel & Eric Juskewycz who are based in France”

Oddie Beau

Storyteller of macabre stories

Spirit XperienZ, paranormal investigations (2020)

“Listening, responsive, professional, and really talented! As you can see, there is no lack of superlatives to describe Damien and Eric’s work. If you wish to bring a professional quality to your video projects, you can contact these two with your eyes closed. Many thanks for your impressive work. Long live Visions Of Dystopia”

Nico, Spirit XperienZ

Investigator, director

BREACH, short film (2020)

“We found in Damien and Eric creative and hardworking souls in whom we immediately had complete confidence. Always attentive to feedback, they perfectly combined their remarkable artistic sensibility with the constraints posed by the production, and were able to be a force for proposal at the opportune moments (during crucial times). Thank you again for your generous work and this amazing collaboration. We hope that our path will cross again”

ArtFX team

ArtFX students (graduation movie)

Dimanche, De Charybde en Scylla, Short movies (2017)

“It’s always a great pleasure to work with Damien Maurel and Visions of Dystopia. From one project to the next, it’s always the same investment, the same professionalism and above all the same passion. Listening while bringing personal ideas, the result is always up to expectations, even more so, in equally varied styles and fields. Thank you again for these collaborations!”

Thierry Ramoin

Film director

Gare à l’art 34 (2014)

“Damien is a high quality artist and professional. I appreciated his listening skills, his advice, his relevance and his involvement in my project. Not to mention his reactivity, his availability and his respect of deadlines. Thank you Damien, hoping to meet on new projects”

Juan Jimenez

Stuntman, choreographer, fencer

Anonymous Animals, film (2020)

“Anonymous Animals’s soundtrack, a mixture of drones and sympathetic strings, is also superbly eerie”
SITGES film festival:
“La música es hermosa pero, en conjunción con las imágenes, resulta desesperanzadora y nihilista”

Atome Hôtel, documentaries (2015)

“Damien has quickly and fully understood the needs of this scientific webseries intended for the mainstream. Throughout 30 episodes, he was able to give coherence to the whole. The episodes are marked by his compositions which succeed in the combination of mystery and spectacular”

Baptiste Rouveure

Film director