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2020 :

  • Background musics for Obsolete Oddity Youtube channel
  • Opening/Ending credits, teasers for Spirit XperienZ Youtube channel
  • Anonymous animals film, directed by Baptiste Rouveure
  • Animation film, Breach, directed and produced by Artfx
  • Teaser for Unité Z comic book (Heri, Motus)

2019 :

  • Short movie Psychosia, directed by Thierry Ollive-Ramoin
  • Advertising for Lagrange Productions

2018 :

  • Short movie Tell Him, directed by Virginia Bach, produced by Dacor Productions, broadcast on France 3 in the TV program Libre Court

2017 :

  • Short movie Dimanche, directed by Thierry Ollive-Ramoin, produced by les Nous
  • Short movie, L’instinct de survie, directed by Mike Luzio

2016 :

  • Institutional films for TAM Montpellier, directed by Baptiste Rouveure           

2015 :

  • Web documentaries Atome Hôtel, directed by Baptiste Rouveure, produced by Pages & Images, broadcast France TV Education webplatform,
  • Web series Mordred (season 2), directed by Tommy Lee-Baïk, produced by Autrement dit Productions, broadcast on webplatform

2014 :

  • Short movie De Charybde en Scylla, directed by Thierry Ollive-Ramoin , produced by les Nous
  • Showreel for Gare à l’art 34, directed by Juan Jimenez


2020 :

  • Chaos & Fear (SciFi)

2019 :

  • Cyborgs Awakening (SciFi)
  • Universal War (SciFi), inspired by Denis Bajram comic book
  • Demo for Soundethers libraries: The ghost in my mind & The photographer

2018 :

  • From the inside (Horror)