“Artificial Feeling”, single from the album “Collapse Chronicles”

“Collapse Chronicles: The Nine Chapters” full album (2022). Album inspired by famous science-fiction movies. The different tracks have been composed in order to create a sound environment where the music is articulated around dialogues extracted from the reference films.  

“Unité Z” full album (2022). Album composed with the same approach as for the composition of a film score. The different musical titles were composed following the chronology of the events. Themes were developed according to the appearance of the characters in the scenes and the situations they face.  

“A Nightmare On Dystopian Street”, released on all digital platforms by M&O Music label. Album developing energetic and dark tracks on a background inspired by cult horror movies. The music and sound design of each track have been designed to immerse the listener in the anguishing universe of the biggest horror movie villains.  

Full album (2021)


“Chaos & Fear” full EP (2020). EP mixing orchestral and metal atmospheres.

Single Chaosphere from “Chaos & Fear” EP (2020)

Single Dusk of Dawn from “Chaos & Fear” EP (2020)

“Cyborgs Awakening” full album (2019). Electro-orchestral album with sound design.

Single Red Alert from Cyborgs Awakening album (2019)

Single Cyborg 2.0 from Cyborgs Awakening album (2019)

Single World War Machines from Cyborgs Awakening album (2019)

“Universal War” full album (2019). Album inspired by Denis Bajram’s comic book “Universal War”. Thanks to Denis Bajram for the com around this album : Universal Music.

Single The Flood from Universal War album (2019)

“From the inside” full album (2018). Album inspired by old horror movies.

Single From the inside (From the inside album) (2018)

Single Thelma’s Dream (From the inside album) (2018)